Andrew Smiler, Ph.D.

America's leading expert on the masculine self


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Professional Organizations

The Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity (SPSMM). 

  • Researcher of the year 2007
  • Elected president 2011.
  • SPSMM is also known as Division 51 of the American Psychological Association (below).

The American Men’s Studies Association (AMSA).

The Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA).

The American Psychological Association (APA).

Andrew Smiler, PhD, is a therapist and author residing in Winston-Salem NC. He has been working with and studying boys, men, and masculinity since the early 1990s. Dr. Smiler holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Towson University. Dr. Smiler is licensed by the state of North Carolina.

As a therapist, Dr. Smiler helps teenage boys and adult men understand themselves better and find better ways to communicate with the important people in their life. In addition to issues such as depression, anxiety, and family conflict, he also works with clients around issues related to gender identity, sexual orientation, and other issues related to sexuality. He conducts both individual therapy and family therapy.

As a writer, Dr. Smiler is the author of “Challenging Casanova: Beyond the stereotype of the promiscuous young male” (Jossey-Bass/Wiley) and co-author, with Chris Kilmartin, of the best-selling Men’s Studies textbook “The Masculine Self” (5th ed.., Sloan publishing). He has authored more than 20 journal articles and book chapters relating to boys, men, sexual development, and identity issues. Dr. Smiler is a regular contributor to the Good Men Project and has also written for The Shriver Report, Role/Reboot, Huffington Post, and Everyday Feminism, among other venues. His work has been featured in the New York Times, the Globe and Mail, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

As a researcher, Dr. Smiler conducts the Campus Sexual Culture assessment (with Rebecca Plante) and program evaluations for social service organizations and academic institutions (or departments). He also provides consultation and data analytic support for academic faculty and staff who need assistance with both qualitative and quantitative research.  

Dr. Smiler is an associate editor (2015-present) for the academic journal the Psychology of Men and Masculinity. He was president of the Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity (2011), received their researcher of the year award (2007), and currently serves as the Chair of their Communications and Media committee (2015-2017). His 2004 article “Thirty years after the discovery of gender: Psychological concepts and measures of masculinity” is among the 20 most referenced articles in the academic journal Sex Roles.